An insight into what ate is

An insight into what ate is

At a glance

ate (Altogether Experimental) is a technique-driven, collaborative arena for the nouvelle creative patissiers, baristas and culinary artists.

It’s conceptualised and put together by like-minded industry enthusiasts to deliver unforgettable experiences for the gastronome.
We want to create a nouvelle platform that brings like-minded people together on a table over gastronomic experiences and unforgettable memories through scintillating taste journeys.

Founders Vicky Mandal & Anukriti Anand channelled their love for radical coffee making techniques, modern patisserie & avant-garde food along with contemporary sustainable architecture, large open spaces & newfangled fashion to build the most important pillars of A.T.E.

The Location

Built in the backyard of Qila Rai Pithora & situated on the hustling bustling Westend Marg, Saidulajab, ate is easy to navigate & get to.
Close vicinity of 500 meters to Saket metro station adds to the reachability of the destination that altogether experimental is.

ate is surrounded by luscious greens, a hideout in the middle of a busy path, a space for every detail, down to the thoughtful meaning of the iron & glass facade (that reflects in our logo), feels special at ate.

It is immediately apparent that design & fashion isn’t just a daily routine—it’s a passion. The sharp & straight edges and clean design of the windows pop from the second you walk in through our gates, drawing in savvy customers.

The Infrastructure

Altogether Experimental Cafe

When you walk through the shadow of the valley of our arched front, take a look into our property and realize there is something left to adore.

Following a post-modernist approach and a colour coordinated swatch the architecture at ate is a contemporary interpretation of modernist ideals which are less strict, but still pure, that give a warm feeling and an experience of nostalgia like meeting an old friend over coffee.

An Industrial moodboard at it’s design core, the architecture throughout the cafe follows modern minimalistic design for enhanced focus on the offerings with its straight lines and rectilinear shapes.

The People

The clientelle that A.T.E. attracts are the people with a taste for the finer things in life.
People who wish to experiment.
People who want things out of the ordinary.
We’ve gone all clean in terms of the decor; obviously in keeping with our sartorial design sensibility.

Ushering in the gorgeous people living around South Delhi, altogether experimental aims to serve the creme de la creme of this melange town.